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Reviva Labs Product Effectiveness

Reviva Labs Product Effectiveness

Product effectiveness is not only a matter of the right ingredients, but the experience in blending the proper percentages, and the knowledge of the interaction of those ingredients. The wrong percentage of one active ingredient could inactivate the performance of the product.

As leading dermatologist, Dr. Jeanette Jacknin, author of Smart Medicine for Your Skin, has reported: "I was surprised to learn that even though Reviva Labs products are sold in Health Food stores, they are actually formulated for professionals. It's the higher potency and special blending that, no doubt, is the reason the Reviva Labs products have proven so effective."

Over 1200 Professional skin-care salons use Reviva Products

And skin-salon aestheticians are the most demanding critics of skin product performance, which gives you an idea about Reviva Labs safety and effectiveness.

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