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Reviva Labs Skin Care Innovations

Reviva Labs Skin Care Innovations

In 1973 when Reviva Labs was established, the word "exfoliation" was unkown in America. Over four decades ago is when Reviva Labs introduced the first non-chemical European Exfoliant, known as "Light Skin Peel," to Health Food Stores and many skin salons. Our unique formula and blending remains unduplicated and unrivaled today.

Because Reviva has been a "quiet" company, most of you are probably unaware that Reviva was also the first in Health Food Stores with:

  • A milder, non-drying program for blemished skin
  • Elastin
  • Topical trace minerals
  • Glycolic Acid (from dermatological sources)
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin P for spider veins and redness
  • A new - ingredient-complex for under-eye dark circles
  • Essential Fatty Acids for thinning, dry skin
  • and much, much more

Although Health Food Stores are Reviva's major distribution channel, Reviva's origins are actually in professional skin care salons. Reviva's founder, Stephen Strassler, is one of America's earliest aestheticians.

Our skin salon experience treating various skin problems - plus our dermatological research - has driven Reviva's innovative skin care breakthroughs.

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