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Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum

An Apple-a-Day Can Keep Aging Away

Stem cell research has had many incredible breakthroughs in recent years. One of the biggest related to anti-aging skin care is the Uttwiler Spatlauber Apple. This extremely rare Swiss Apple possesses an almost magical extract that rejuvenates or reactivates stem cells in your skin. By helping the activity of your skin’s cells, aging dull skin can be restored to healthy, younger-looking skin.

Reactivate your body’s fountain of youth - the stem cells

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Booster SerumDuring research, a 2% extract of Swiss Apple Malus Domestica was applied twice daily for 28 days. The results were impressive - wrinkles showed significant visible decreases in 100% of the test subjects! The Swiss Apple’s extract revitalizes stem cells - recharging the cell - turning it into an anti-aging acting powerhouse.

Reviva makes youth affordable again

Celebrities have already discovered the benefits of the stem cell extract derived from a special Swiss Apple.Vogue magazine reported Michele Obama using a Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum costing over $300.00. Helen Mirren and Gwyneth Paltrow are also reported users.

Throughout our four decades, Reviva Labs is known for bringing consumers groundbreaking technology at an affordable price. Using our experience, we were able to formulate an effective serum that costs just $30.00 for a one-once bottle.

Now the Swiss Apple secret can be experienced by everyone, not just the Hollywood elite.

The Swiss Apple stem cell extract has it's origins in Switzerland where scientists have extracted stem cells from the rare Uttwiler Spatlauber Swiss Apple which stimulates the skin's epidermal cells, bringing "new life" and energy to the epidermis to promote healthier new skin cells.

"It could be the most important skin care discovery in years", according to many skin care Experts.

Reviva Labs Serum can be used directly on clean skin but we recommend it be used under day or night cream as it will boost their effects when applied over our serum.

Reviva Labs new Stem Cell Serum is a dose of vitality that dramatically improves the way your skin looks and feels..

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