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What does Reviva’s $10 Energizing Gel have in common with $285 Créme de la Mer?

What does Reviva’s $10 Energizing Gel have in common with $285 Créme de la Mer?

Skin energizing gelThe answer: electrically charged trace minerals that energize skin; to resist wrinkles or help improve any skin condition.  

Back in 1981, Reviva introduced topical trace minerals to the world with our Gel Stimulante.

When Max Huber, the scientist who developed LaMer, saw Reviva’s ad he phoned Reviva’s Steve Strassler to discuss trace minerals and the electrical charge in the LaMer Cream he was working on. Eventually, Huber’s LaMer Cream, acquired by Estee Lauder, became a huge success even though it’s one of the most expensive creams on the market.

Reviva Labs’ mineral rich “Energizing Gel” also uses electrically charged trace minerals (from Hawaiian Seaweed) to stimulate skin cell energy while restoring the skin’s vital mineral balance.

The Result? Our Energizing Gel helps anything you’re doing for your skin work better so that you look better!

Use Reviva Skin Energizing Gel alone or under other night creams. You’ll love the results!  Electric-type energy that “makes creams come true.”

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