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Age Spots & Darkening

The objective of a brightening cream is to suppress the skin cells'production of melanin (skin's dark pigment). As less melanin reaches the skin surface, the spots gradually get brighter with more even skin tone. But the problem is, the brightening ingredients often don't reach the lower level of the epidermis where new melanin is born.

It's not easy for the brightening ingredients to reach that deep. Many fade products do not have our Creams and Gel's vegetable oil base that aids absorption. And generally, dead skin cells, which accumulate on skin's outer layer, also help block absorption.

Our Light Skin Peel #107 or Pomegranate Exfoliant #108 are natural exfoliants that safely remove dead skin cells, allow brightening ingredients to reach their target, and help brighten and beautify skin tone.

Our new Lighten & Brighten Facial Cleanser #100 also helps brighten discoloration as it deep cleanses.  

Besides effective fade formulas and exfoliation, another factor in a brightening program is sun protection. No matter how good the skin brightening cream, if you don't protect from the sun, the effectiveness will be negated.

Sun, or ultraviolet light, stimulates melanin production so you need SPF protection for  spots whenever you're outdoors. Use Skin Lightener Day Cream #581 or a sunscreen on a daily basis to help insure the results of your brightening program.

Each night, use our proven-effective Brown Spot Night Cream #579. Continued use inhibits melanin production. Blocking the melanin process gradually brightens the area.

For those who prefer non-hydroquinone creams, we offer Day #587 and Night #586 creams with Kojic Acid instead of hydroquinone.

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