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Glycolic Acid Skin Care

Reviva Labs glycolic creams are different. Instead of individual glycolic acid molecules found in other brands (which can "hit or miss" its target) our glycolics are high potency polymers... molecules linked into "strands" , similar to skin's own structure. The glycolic strands interact with skin's strand structure for better absorption... and thus are better able to improve skin texture and fight sun damage. Skin-care pros consider our glycolics as one of the most effective ingredients in a skin rejuvenating program. For home use, they often recommend the 5% and 10% creams as alternates in "layering" programs under some of the newer ingredients such as peptides, growth factors and antioxidants.

Glycolic Acid Percentages in Our Products:
  • Glycolic Acid (2%) Facial Cleanser
  • Glycolic Acid (3%) Facial Toner
  • Glycolic Acid (5%) Oily Skin Gel
  • Glycolic Acid (5%) Night & Day Cream
  • Glycolic Acid (10%) Night Cream
Note: pH is important in glycolics. The pH (acid level) in our glycolic line is 3-4 pH. Above 4.5 pH, the acid level would be too weak to do much good. Yet, a number of glycolic creams on the market have a pH of 5 and above … to avoid a “stinging” feeling. Some stinging is normal. But the base in our 5% and 10% creams contains comfrey and chamomile to help fight sensitivity.

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