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Vitamin E Oil E-Stick

Your lips are too precious for standard lip balms. Reviva’s Vitamin E Stick does so much more!

Vitamin E Oil E-Stick
Only $4.00 each
Your lips are too precious for standard lip balms. Reviva's Vitamin E Stick does so much more! In fact, in summer, our E Stick offers special benefits under eyes. Sunscreen creams or lotions creep into eyes cause eyes to tear or smart. Reviva's E Stick formula stays put and moisturizes while it fights sun damage under eyes. And lips, in summer, particularly lower lips are vulnerable to drying and cracking. It soothes...beeswax base with soy, Vitamin E and allantoin. It moisturizes...more serious moisturizing than other brands. It protects...not only from pollutants but UVA/UVB sun protection, too. Great for lips and under eyes.

  • Lip balm with Vitamin E and allantoin in a natural beeswax base.
  • Moisturizes and soothes chapped, dry and cracked lips while protecting against UVA/UVB rays and wind damage.
  • Can apply over or under lipstick.
  • Translucent coverage ideal for women and men!

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  • Glycine Soja (Soybean Oil), Canola Oil, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Octylmethoxycinnamate, Ozokerite Wax, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Magnifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, Lanolin Oil, Benzophenone-3, Cetyl Esters, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Phenoxyethanol.
  • Apply to lips or under eyes for moisture and sun protection.
  • Reviva’s Vitamin E Stick Gets a Shout-Out in Woman’s World Magazine
    Reviva’s Vitamin E Stick Gets a Shout-Out in Woman’s World Magazine
    Well-known makeup artist Mary Winkenwerder dished to Woman's World Magazine about one of her top tricks to combat crow's feet:

    "Smooth a vitamin E stick like Reviva Labs Vitamin E Oil Stick onto bare skin and let it set to fill in fine lines and condition dry skin." The antioxidant-rich oil also works to fight signs of aging. Finish by tapping a liquid concealer over top to instantly look younger!"

    Girly Enthusiast Reviews: Vitamin E Oil Stick, Light Skin Peel, and Collagen Fiber Eye Pad Kit from Reviva Labs
    Girly Enthusiast Reviews: Vitamin E Oil Stick, Light Skin Peel, and Collagen Fiber Eye Pad Kit from Reviva Labs

    Chelsey from Girly Enthusiast became a fan of Reviva Labs when she got to try and review three of Reviva's best-loved products: Vitamin E Oil Stick, Light Skin Peel, and the Collagen Fiber Eye Pad Kit. The Vitamin E Stick softened and moisturized her lips, the Collagen Fiber Eye Pad Kit smoothed fine under-eye lines, and she LOVED the exfoliation of the Light Skin Peel.

    [Reviva] definitely made me a life-long customer! The stuff they sell isn’t your typical moisturizer or exfoliator. They carry products that are different and ingenuitive, which I love. Chelsey, Girly Enthusiast

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    Hard to find but worth the search. My wife won’t use anything but this and I found it as a stocking stuffer at Whole Foods. Wal-Mart used to carry but couldn’t find it there. Anyway I like supporting the local Mom & Pop anyway. Great product, keep making it.
    Clayton ~ Andover, KS
    I put around my eyes and on my lips at night, especially in winter to fight dryness. This is one of the best I have found and usually buy the tubes six or eight at a time and keep them all over the house, in my purse, at the office, etc. Love it.
    Michelle ~ Minneapolis, MN
    Hydrogenated oil regardless, this lip balm is the best of many I’ve tried for dry, cold Wisconsin winter (or windy summer). It’s better than Carmex (which needs reapplying too often) or Neutrogena (which is similar to this stick, but the Reviva Vitamin E stick goes on more smoothly, feels better, and lasts longer before reapplication is needed). Definitely tops, year after year.
    Sveika ~ Madison, WI
    I found your product years ago at Whole Foods in California and again at New Frontiers in Sedona, Arizona. I have not found it in Sierra Vista and am happy to be able to order online. I cannot wear lipstick or other chapsticks because they make my lips peel and become sore. Your product is wonderful and consistently heals and protects my lips. I was unaware of your other products and will seriously consider them.
    Jackie Fisher ~ Sierra Vista, AZ
    Love it! Has slight sheen for casual wear (jeans) when high-gloss would be overkill. Find it at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
    Debbie ~ Bethesda, MD
    For two years, my son has suffered with chronic eczema around his eye. He tried various eye creams and trips to different doctors to find something that would give him relief. Vitamin E stick was the answer!
    Karen ~ Parma, OH
    I sunburned by lips really badly. I tried other products for 2 weeks trying to get my lips to heal but they continued to be painfully chapped & hurting. I tried the Vitamin e stick (continually applying) on Friday & by Sunday my lips were healed! I couldn’t believe it!
    Beth ~ Provo, UT
    Found this product once in a natural food store and tried it. LOVED IT! I now only order through Reviva Labs because it is hard to find. Best product I have tried for dry, chap lips and the entire family uses it year round however, I always have a stick in my purse and use it every day. Love this product.
    Debbie ~ Marlborough, CT
    I found this after some throat surgery and used it to help soften and minimize the surgery scar...which no one can see now! Great for under eyes and lips too.
    Danielle ~ Maryland
    The best product for keeping lips moist and smooth.
    Sandra ~ Kingston, WA
    I noticed my chin and areas around my mouth drying out a little-I think this is actually caused by the toothpaste I’m using...and can start to peel throughout the day but I don’t want to re-moisturise especially because I wear makeup. This Vitamin E stick is great for applying to those little areas without messing up your foundation. Love it! I found mine at Ulta!
    Jessica ~ Alta Loma, CA
    I had an accident that resulted in very bad scars on both legs. A friend gave me the vitamin E stick. I doubted it would help but applied it... I immediately started to see the blurring of the scars... It is working! I saw results in 2 days... Happy to find it on-line.
    FW ~ West Orange, NJ
    This is THE best lip balm I have ever found!! I suffered for months this year with the driest, flakiest lips, and after trying everything, this completely softened my lips and surrounding areas in about a week! I want to smear it everywhere!! LOVE LOVE IT!!
    Marilyn ~ South Dakota
    Great product! Goes on smoothly, but is not sticky. Works well by itself, or with lipstick on top. A new favorite product, I will definitely buy again!
    Margie ~ Columbus, OH
    I keep this at my desk and use it for relaxing the skin around my eyes when they get dry and tight from working on the computer and the dry office air. It is absolutely the only product that I have found that works so easily and effectively with no perfume or unpleasantness at all. I don’t really use it on my lips though because I find the flavor a bit off-putting and I have another product I like more for the lips.
    Betsy ~ Providence, RI

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