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How we measure successful skin care

Each person who uses our product has at least one skin care goal. Maybe it’s reversing the signs of aging. Maybe dry skin is an issue, and they’re looking for a way to retain moisture. Those experiencing skin discoloration are looking for a product to remove the discoloration and even out their skin tone.

Regardless of the specific skin care problem, Reviva’s definition of success is a happy, satisfied customer. We know we’ve succeeded when we receive an email from the woman who attended her 25th high school reunion, only to be told her skin looks as great as the day she graduated. We relish the letters from those who have suffered with acne and acne scarring for years on end without relief, but who have finally found a solution with our products.

We want our customers to have the best looking, healthiest skin they can. And that’s why we are constantly innovating and bringing new products to treat specific skin care concerns. It’s why each of the products in our broad array of offerings is formulated for a specific purpose.

I started using the stick about a year ago, but it is not sold at any stores around me now. Works great though and very portable!
Melina G ~ Naperville, IL
Great product
Brenda ~ NJ
Sooo moisturizing!
Brenda ~ NJ

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