Animal Friendly and Cruelty Free get a lot of buzz in the cosmetic industry these days – and that’s great news.

Reviva Labs has been committed to using cruelty-free ingredients and methods since the very beginning. We’ve never tested on animals, and we’ve remained focused on sourcing our ingredients and all components of our products from like-minded companies.

We believe you can be kind to your skin while being kind to animals. And that attitude transcends our business. Walking through our offices, you will come across plenty of family photos of both the furry and non-furry kind.

And over the years Reviva has supported numerous animal charities, such as Best Friends Humane Society and the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine, NJ.

So, if you believe as we do – that great skin care can be, and should be, animal friendly – then Reviva’s the brand for you.

Get to Know the New Reviva Labs

Why Our Ingredients Matter

We want our customers to feel good about the products they're using on their skin. Reviva uses only the highest-quality ingredients that are both safe and effective.

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Skin Care Trusted For Generations

It’s a great feeling to know Reviva is being “handed down” from mother to daughter – and even to granddaughters. And for our next generation of loyal Reviva users we promise to keep delivering the natural skin care people respect and trust.

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Natural Skin Care For Everyone

Because of our commitment to the safe, effective ingredients and formulations, most of our products are suitable for all skin types. And if a particular formula is not advisable for all skin types, we'll say so on the packaging.

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