My skin has acne and some blackheads. What can I do?

Our approach to acne or blemishes is to normalize skin, not over dry it. But there is no single magic bullet. It takes a program. First step is to STOP medicated soaps, or any of the severe drying coverups or treatments. Instead we recommend cleansing with our #153 Camphor Milk. A very beneficial, twice a week cleansing supplement is #105 Honey Almond Scrub for the normal or sensitive skin, or #106 Walnut Facial Scrub for the thicker oily skin. And vital for removing obstacles to the normal flow of oil and improving skin texture is our #107 Light Skin Peel. To hide blemishes and treat skin during the day, we offer “more than a coverup” #833 Heal & conceal Day Dream. For even better results, each day use the latter to over a very light layer of #215 Normalizing Lotion. However the most important product in your acne program is regular nightly use of #315 Oily Skin Night Cream. It has remarkable action on normalizing and healing skin. For further beauty benefits, alternate between #452 Mud Mask and #449 Blemish Skin Mask 2-3 times a week.

I have surface dryness on oily skin. How do I treat my combination skin?

This problem is often answered incorectly, since the usual moisturizes or night creams contain too much oil for the oily skin. Reviva’s #312 Hydratante Night Cream eliminates the surface dryness while it keeps oily skin in proper balance.

My skin is dull looking and lacks lustre. How can I improve it?

Perk up, brighten skin with Reviva’s #107 LIGHT SKIN PEEL. In removing dead, dulling skin cells, Reviva’s peel (the same exfoiliant used in Europe’s top skin care salons) revitalizes cell functions and leaves skin with a new clarity and freshness.

Peel is to be used just once a week. Supplement your program with #484 Hydrogen Peroxide & Green Papya Mask once or twice a week for a spa-facial at home.

My skin doesn’t seem to be absorbing my night cream, why?

Many mature skins do not absorb or “metabolize” the active ingredients in night cream, no matter how good the cream, because the cells are sluggish. Often this is due to a mineral imbalance in the epidermis. Reviva’s #330 Skin Energizing Gel used under Night Cream, recharges cells and energizes skin to absorb night creams and bring you results you’ve wanted.

I have slackened, loose skin on my throat and arms due to weight loss. Is there anything that will help?

Dieting and weight loss has a severe effect on skin elasticity. When you start your diet, you should be using #385 Elastin Night Cream and #309 Elastin Serum on the throat; and #388 Elastin body Lotion on your arms.But it’s not too late. Feeding your skin the proper elastin products can help you regain some of your elastin/elasticity loss.

I have brown spots on face and hands. How can I get rid of them?

Generally such spots are caused by cumulative sun exposure and becoming evident about age 50. Reviva’s #579 Brown Spot Night Cream can lighten them after a month or more of nightly usage (only the spot area). But it’s also important to protect your skin from the sun, using products like #581 Skin Lightener Day Cream offers sun protection and special lighteners to speed results.

I use moisturizers, but nothing works for my very dry skin. What can you recommend?

When skin ages, it loses Hyaluonic Acid, skin’s key intercellular ingredient that helps it hold moisture. Reviva’s revolutionary #390 Intercell Night Gel and #290 Intercell Day Cream, provide new HyaluronicAcid to help skin maintain moisture from the liquids you drink. You can use Intercell Gel under your regular night cream.

I’m almost 50. I had oily skin all my life but now have surface dryness. I also have very thin skin. My Dermatologist gave me Retin-A for outbreaks but it makes my skin feel (and look) like sandpaper. It’s impossible to use daily … and even once a week seems too much. Will your Beta-Hydroxyacid cream act like this?

For thin skin, we’re surprised you were prescribed Retin-A. Thin skin is usually sensitive. Our #308 Beta-Hydroxyacid Cream is geared for sensitive skin… so it should help with outbreaks and not leave skin feeling dry.

I purchased four Reviva Labs items: DMAE Firming Fluid, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Alpha Lipoic DMAE and Vitamin C Ester Firming Eye Fluid and Vitamin C Ester Cream. How do you recommend I use them morning and evening?

We recommend you apply our Firming Eye Serum night and day by tapping it in lightly from the outside corner of the eye to inside, and then over the eyelid. At night, you would massage the DMAE Firming Fluid #301 into face and throat … under Alpha Lipoic Cream one week, then alternate the next week by applying Hyaluronic Acid Serum #369 under the Alpha Lipoic Cream. Our “layering” process has proven itself effective in skin salons internationally.

I’m 38 years old and my skin seems “lifeless” and dull. And dark circles around my eyes without make-up seem to just take-over my face. Any suggestions?

To perk-up your skin, we recommend that you use our Light Skin Peel #107 just once a week (except under the eyes). You’ll soon see that it’s one of our most remarkable products.


Do you accept returns?

Our top priority, after making great natural skin care, is making our customers happy. Customer satisfaction is our Number One priority. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any of our products please contact customer service at 800-257-7774 to coordinate returning your order for a refund or to replace your product.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We accept all major credit cards, checks, and for pre-approved resellers purchase orders too.

What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

Delivery charges depend on many factors (i.e., where you live, type of shipping you choose, etc.). But we’ve done our best to negotiate favorable rates with major shipping carriers.

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