The Finest Natural Ingredients + The Safest Bioengineered Advances

Forty plus years ago, our primary concern was finding the purest, most potent natural ingredients. We traveled the world seeking out the best of the best. But today, advances in agriculture and global sourcing have made the acquisition of quality, natural ingredients a much simpler process – for us and others.

Reviva Labs still carefully and closely monitors the natural ingredients used in our formulas. We’re careful to seek suppliers who believe in fair trade and who avoid harsh chemicals or pesticides.

But we also closely monitor developments within the cosmeceutical industry. We carefully scrutinize the latest discoveries for efficacy and safety. Many “new” advancements are simply derivatives of natural ingredients.

Many of today’s natural skin care advances are refinements or adaptations of natural ingredients used for decades.

Today’s peptides are targeted amino acid combinations

Peptides are simply fragments of proteins – an engineered combination of amino acids that either mimic an existing source or which are created to illicit a specific result within the body. Since proteins are fundamental to your skin’s structure – scientifically crafted and refined peptides can have an affect – as research consistently supports.

When used wisely and judiciously, peptides can provide tremendous skin care benefits and results – all scientifically derived from simple, natural amino acid building blocks.

Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A (Tretnoin / Retin-A)

Discovered several decades ago, Tretnonin, is a prescription treatment originally targeting acne. However, once its anti-aging effects were recognized, its use was expanded – but still requires a prescription.

Retinol, a more mild derivative, is synthesized from Vitamin A, which can be used in skin care products without a prescription. Both offer similar benefits, by the synthesized Retinol provides safe efficacy and benefits. Retinol is an example of an ingredient’s evolution by design.

History’s CoQ10 is today’s Idebenone

Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) is a fat-soluble ingredient that’s used within the body and its cells. Applied topically, it’s been shown to offer antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. However, being fat soluble, it can be challenging to include into products (and love to use it).

Enter Idebenone, a synthetic equivalent to CoQ10, it’s proven to be a stable and safe alternative. More importantly, it’s water soluble which makes it easier to include in formulations while also improving its antioxidant benefits.

Safety & efficacy is our primary concern

We go through an extensive review and testing process before introducing a new product. Skin sensitivity, stability, effectiveness, and potency are all examined and scrutinized over the course of months (or years) during development. After a thorough process, then and only then, will we “test” our products on ourselves. Yes, before our products even come close to being on your skin – a multitude of volunteers and knowledgable “beta-testers” have evaluated our products completely.

So you can be assured, if our product debuts, even our President / CEO has used it.

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