Kojic Acid for skin brightening

Kojic Acid is generally derived from one of several species of fungi (e.g., Aspergillus oryzae), or can be a by-product in the fermentation of malting rice. In lower concentrations Kojic Acid is generally considered safe when applied topically. This natural brightening ingredient is often substituted in place of hydroquinone. Some individuals can have a sensitivity, so as with most skin care, patch testing is always a smart way to start.

When applied topically, Kojic Acid absorbs through the skin, and helps reduce and/or inhibit the presence of melanin. By suppressing melanin it can help reduce the appearance of age spots, uneven skin tone, melasma (i.e., mother’s mask), and hyper-pigmentation. Kojic Acid can also be combined with other skin lightening agents such as mulberry, lime, or similar beneficial ingredients.

Since age spots and uneven skin tone often occur in aging skin, products containing Kojic Acid can be considered both brightening skin care and anti-aging skin care. Kojic Acid also offers some antimicrobial properties and can help alleviate blemishes too.

Reviva Labs offers both a day and night cream that includes Kojic Acid. These items work well with our other brightening products. Since reducing melanin can increase sensitivity to the sun – we always recommend pairing any brighteners use with a good sunscreen (such as our SPF25 Sun Protective Moisturizer).

So if you’re unhappy with your complexion or worry about age spots – start using Kojic Acid products and you’ll start seeing results quickly.

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